Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Our team is comprised of leading industry experts that create tailor-made solutions to all of our clients ranging from IT support, PBX and reservation agents to accounting, consulting, data analytics and financial management that will transform your business and customer service, which is the primary reason why we serve as the trusted BPO experts to all of our clients.

Why Are We The Best At What We Do
Service categories
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Daily Revenue Reporting
  • General ledger posting
  • Receiving and sending TEXT messages
  • Receiving and sending CHAT messages
  • Making VIP Courtesy Calls, and Check-in Call Backs
  • Sending DND Bulk voicemail messages
  • Manual delivery of Wake Up Calls
  • Increase direct online conversion rate on your website
  • Staffed 24/7 with trained, informed and proactive agents
  • 20 to 30 second response time
  • Reduce OTA reliance and fees
  • High ROI
  • Helpful, but non intrusive, sales driven communication
  • Immediate answers to hotel specific questions:
    • what is your pet policy?
    • what time is check in
  • Decreases google bounce rate
  • Improved site visitor experience
  • Increase guest loyalty
  • Pure reservation data entry
  • Manual entry F.I.T. reservations
    • GTA, Tourico, Bonotel…… Static rate reservations
  • Manual entry OTA reservations
    • Secret Escapes, Hotel Tonight, One Night……
  • Failed OTA reservations
  • Manual group block reservations / group room list processing
  • Daily scrubbing
  • Daily pre-authorization of credit cards
  • Extranet monthly audit reconciliations
  • Property sent negotiated VIP / corporate / group rate reservations
  • Sending folios
  • Correspondence
    • Guests, future guests, travel agents…….
    • Rate requests / room type / availability requests
    • Hotel information
      • Pet policy / smoking policy……
    • Via email, online ‘contact forms’, chat
  • Respond to guests requests / comments via OTA extranet
  • Send credit card authorization forms
  • Full Email InBox Management
    • Full control of the reservations@, info@ inboxes
    • Handle, archive, delete, or forward every email coming to inbox
  • Answering and handling phone calls to hotel’s main number
  • Transferring the calls to correct departments
  • Transferring callers to guest rooms
  • Answering questions to avoid transferring to front desk
  • Taking care of early check ins
  • Entering notes in the PMS
  • Sending folios
  • Sending CC authorization forms
  • Answering & handling internal calls from guests inside the hotel
  • Entering tickets into guest ticketing system
  • Handling requests for late check outs
  • Handling & managing DNDs accordingly
  • Entering wake up calls on proprietary wake up call software
  • Automatic delivery of wake up calls
  • Managing missed wake up calls
  • Answering & handling VIP calls
  • Calling / texting parking garage and arranging car pick up
  • Tier 1 IT Support
  • Tier 2 IT Support
  • Tier 3 IT Support
  • Answering & handling reservation calls
  • Quoting rates
  • Creating new reservations
  • Selling hotel rooms to callers
  • Entering credit card information into PMS or GDS
  • Updating existing reservations
  • Cancelling reservations
  • Website assistance
  • Using turn away codes to track conversion ratios
  • Answering room service extension
  • Entering orders into POS
  • Confirming orders with kitchen
  • Knowledge of daily specials
  • Communication via telephone and / or hangouts with hotel as needed
Our Products
  • Rapid response guest ticketing

  • Work orders

  • Preventative maintenance

  • Housekeeping

  • Escalations

  • Security

  • Reports

  • Corporate reports

  • Hosted / cloud based

  • Automated and / or manual delivery

  • Managing missed wake up calls

  • Call recordings

  • Full user log

  • Removes human error

  • Notifications

  • Escalations

  • Reports

  • Interface with existing phone system

  • Collaborative

  • Audit Trail

  • 20%-50% saving on monthly charges
  • Remove legacy pri circuit
  • Lower charges per minute for calls
  • No differentiation between local / long distance pricing
  • Deep discount on international rates
  • Reduce call volume
  • Professional greeting
  • Reduce routing errors and improve efficiency
  • Direct dial by name further reducing call volume
  • Dial by name for registered guests
  • Dial by name for employees and departments
Revenue Management Services

Revenue Management Services

By partnering with our Revenue Management professionals, we’ll work together to drive more revenue and market share to your hotel. Our services are tailored to meet your needs by offering short-term or long term support. We will provide you with price guidance, selling strategies and market analysis to position your hotel for success.

What is it?
Revenue Management services are geared towards offering added support to a hotel team that can benefit from the experience of a seasoned Revenue Professional. This plan includes an “on-boarding” phase for the first 2 weeks where a Certified Director of Revenue Management will gather all pertinent information and data from the hotel. There after, a specific day each week and a time will be set to begin scheduled weekly strategy calls with the hotel team. These calls will help determine the right pricing position and detail initiatives using all of the available channels with the goal of maximizing revenues. We offer a Tier 1 and a Tier 2 of service. The details are described below:

Automation and AI

Business Process Optimization/Automation

What can International Solutions Center do for you?

International Solutions Center provides data pipeline optimization, modeling and forecasting solutions for Business Process Optimization.
Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) our customers free their professionals from repetitive and redundant tasks, to save money while their team can focus on more strategic initiatives.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has become a major differentiator for leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organizations looking to retain, acquire, and grow customers and increase profitably.
Companies can produce enhanced value propositions from employing a Digital Workforce.

Reduce Operating Costs – Leverage automation to increase economies of scale and value-added work, while reducing operating costs.
Improve Operational Agility – Deploy bots to work alongside human counterparts for cross-communication between legacy and new platforms.
Increase Capacity – Automate data entry and data validation workflows for 24/7 output.

Our solutions include:

  • Read/categorize/process content from any application or database
  • Centralized statistical data retrieval
  • Forecast and planning of expenses.
  • Control of information flows
  • Automated Key Performance Indicator generation
  • Creation of management reports
  • Automated report handling
  • Call transcription and automated audio processing
  • Monitoring request-response times
  • Web scraping/screen scraping
  • Inventory demand forecast
  • Projecting the optimal inventory