Inbound Telephone Operations

Inbound Telephone Operations
Inbound Telephone Operations
  • Answering and handling phone calls to hotel’s main number
  • Transferring the calls to correct departments
  • Transferring callers to guest rooms
  • Answering questions to avoid transferring to front desk
  • Taking care of early check ins
  • Answering & handling internal calls from guests inside the hotel
  • Sending folios
  • Sending CC authorization forms
  • Customer service
  • General inquiries
  • Reservations and guest services
  • Entering notes in the PMS
  • Transferring guests to correct departments
  • Entering tickets into guest ticketing system
  • Handling requests for late check outs
  • Handling & managing DNDs accordingly
  • Entering wake up calls on proprietary wake up call software
  • Automatic delivery of wake up calls
  • Managing missed wake up calls
  • Answering & handling VIP calls
  • Calling / texting parking garage and arranging car pick up